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No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati book
No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati book

No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati by Andrea Branzi

No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati

No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati ebook download

No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati Andrea Branzi ebook
ISBN: 2910385396, 9782910385392
Format: pdf
Page: 192
Publisher: Hyx

€Social Capital is Mobile Gold.” Installation view of Facestate. Mobile Architecture; “No-Stop City” grid. C'est la contre-utopie : en perpétuant cette œuvre de gigantisme, les Archizoom dénoncent une projection selon eux irréaliste et inhumaine de la ville, le « monument continu », sorte de no stop city qui se répand en faisant fi des monuments et villes déj existants. €No-Stop City” grid, after Archizoom Associati. Archizoom Associati, groupe d'architectes et de designers florentins fondé en 1966 et séparé en 1974, produit en peu de temps une riche série de projets de design, d'architecture et de visions urbaines. Archizoom Associati “Non-stop City internal landscapes” 1970. "Model of a room with a curtain producing a neutral effect". But if No-Stop City was imagined as the ultimate shock therapy for urbanization by its exaggeration of urbanizations' consequences, in reality, the tendency described by No-Stop City evolved not toward infinity and the final dissolution of the city, any difference or novelty, is an incentive for the infinite reproduction of the system itself and thus for its stasis." -Pier Vittorio Aureli, The Possibility of An Absolute Architecture. Inventing "superachitecture" fascinating!! "Non-stop City internal landscapes". In 1969, the Archizoom group, while carrying out an experimental work in the field of design, also undertook a research on environment, mass culture and the city, which led to the project No-Stop City. This reminds me of the Superstudio and Archizooom Associati. The research of Archizoom culminates in « No-Stop-City », one of the most enigmatic and radical visions of the city of the future; without boundaries, artificially lit and air-conditioned. Displayed above is No-Stop City, a “radical design” architectural project by Archizoom Associati first introduced to the public in 1969. It was filed under Uncategorized . Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted on September 9, 2012 by pragmaticdesignlab. No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati (French Edition) book download Download No-Stop City: Archizoom Associati (French Edition) Multitude of Blogs this blog's aim is to give united feedback for e-book publishing sites so that.

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